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    We use the service menu to supply you with valuable information on printing media, ink systems and technical terms of the graphics industry.

    In the field of art reproduction and canvas framing there are some points to consider:





    canvas frame material for art reproduction Important features of a print medium for canvas framing



    Art reproductions look best on a material that comes close to the original canvas. Coated canvas media have a linen-like, textured surface yet still guarantee a sharp print.
    A digitally printed canvas can be mounted on a classic wedge frame made of wood. A suitable medium must not tear or fray when stapled and should be flexible and durable.
    Even more print media, non-woven fabrics for example, are suitable for modern clamping frame systems made of aluminum, since it is possible to mount on these without using staples. Changing the image is very simple and straightforward. With very light but durable aluminum profiles, it is not possible for the frame to distort. Almost all flexible printing media (canvas, textiles, non-woven fiber fabrics, wallpaper) are suitable for such an application.
    In terms of fire protection, the modern clamping system made of aluminum is far superior to its combustible colleagues made of wood when a flame-retardant print medium is used.

    Suitable printing techniques: Water-based, Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV-Curable, Latex


    We recommend to pay attention to the following characteristics of the medium:


    Scratch resistancy:
    A largely scratch-resistant print medium withstands handling during production, assembly, transport and when an application is being used, without being damaged. Additional surface protection (laminate) increases durability.

    Quick drying:
    A print medium that thoroughly dries quickly can be processed faster. That is important for an optimized workflow, for example, when printing, laminating, cutting, assembling and packing.

     print media for canvas framing







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